A Common Bond

Independence Day Ex-JW BBQs

Celebrate your freedom from the JWs on the 4th of July in Tyler, Texas or in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. If the technology cooperates the two group are going to connect with each other so you will be able to see many more happy smiling faces of Ex-JWs. I promise there will be no gnashing of teeth. Both BBQs are GLBT friendly. The events are being planned on facebook with links to the groups below.

Aposta Party BBQ, Tyler, Texas

BYOB. Side dishes welcome. SO, children, friends and canines welcome. Wading pool for cooling off. We will be cooking Brisket but if something else is preferred, bring it and we will throw it on the BBQ. Can't wait to meet more of my Aposta Family!! Also planning on connecting up with Jim Moon's Independence Day BBQ to say Hi!!! Bring lawn chairs please.

Jim's Annual 4th Of July BBQ For Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses

I was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses on July 4th, 1975. Each year, as my way of celebrating my independence from the JWs, I hold a backyard barbecue at my house in rural eastern Pennsylvania (about 70 miles NW of Philadelphia). I've been doing this for several years and each year it keeps getting larger and larger. Last year, we had close to 100 people. That's OK -- we have a big house and an acre in the back yard. We have parking enough for quite a few cars. We almost ran out of places to park last year, but there's plenty of on-street parking about a block away, and getting a volunteer to shuttle them to our house won't be a problem.

You're most welcome to bring something to the BBQ, but it's not necessary. If you do plan to bring something, I'd suggest posting what you're going to bring below so we don't have too many people bringing the same thing. Please keep in mind that your hosts (and a few of the guests) are in recovery, so please don't get carried away with the alcoholic beverages, and -- sorry -- this area of Pennsylvania is intolerant of illegal substances, so please keep those at home. We'd like the BBQ to go on for years to come and don't want it getting so rowdy clips of it show up on "Worlds Dumbest."

Come celebrate my freedom from the Witnesses since 1980, and bring your friends! Who knows? Maybe some day the BBQ will get so big we'll have to rent out Yankee Stadium!