A Common Bond

3rd Annual Midwest Aposta-Fest

3rd Annual Midwest Apostafest.jpg

Mark your calendars all you terribly wonderful heathens! The 3rd Annual Midwest Aposta-Fest will be here before you know it! 

Saturday, August 6, 2016 promises to hold within it moments to be enjoyed by all who gather with us outside of Indianapolis. Experience has shown that each and every Apostate/ex-JW meetup has its own flavor. I am certain each one is great in its own right. At these events we truly feel a sense of family that many of us are missing and long for.

Come join us in all our glorious bad assocation! Ethan and I would like to invite everyone with a teeny tiny bit more urgency this year then perhaps even the 2 previous years.

At the first Annual Aposta-Fest I drove 5 hours and met my Ethan. Meeting the Mr. Anondude and the rest of the Amazing Apostates was all I had hoped for.....what a sweet suprise when I discovered Mr. Anondude was my soulmate!

At the second Annual Aposta-Fest he got down on one knee.....

So, it seems natural that the arrival of the third Annual Aposta-Fest would bring with it further devolpments in the relationship of your Hosts!

Would you honor us with your presence this year as two apostates join together as one?

P.S. This was my bashful, backhanded way of announcing our wedding. I'm going to marry Anondude! ♥