A Common Bond

The 5th Annual Midwest ApostaFest

Midwest Aposta Fest.jpg

Saturday, August 4 at 10:00 aM
Pleasant View, Indiana


The 5th Annual Midwest ApostaFest is upon us! I can’t believe it’s already been five years, but each one has been just as unique and enjoyable as the last! I can’t wait to welcome back old friends and meet new ones! 

Our style, as usual, is “pitch-in” picnic open-air (weather permitting). Brandy and I will be creating a food thread in the weeks leading up to the ApostaFest and welcome volunteers! We’ve had great success with this over the years and nobody has left hungry! 😊 

We may have a few light games set up, but as always it’s really the conversation that provides the true zest for the ApostaFest! So set your calendars for the first Saturday, August 4th and invite all your friends! This is an opportunity to network and connect with amazing and diverse people and each year always proves how much better life has been outside the Borganization! Everyone is invited! 😃