A Common Bond

The 6th Annual Mid-West Aposta-Fest

2109 Midwest Apostafest.jpg

It's time to start making plans to attend the 6th Annual Midwest Aposta-Fest!

The first weekend in August is quickly approaching and we can't wait to have you all come join us! The Aposta-Fest truly is a special event. Come be among people who understand. It's wonderful coming together online, but a whole different experience is had when you can hear the voice of someone who shares something, see their tears, enjoy their smile, or feel their embrace.

One of greatest things about the Aposta-Fest is how each year the unique crowd brings its own flavor. Always fun and laid back, let's see how worldly this year's apostates can be.

This event is family friendly, so feel free to bring along your children. Food is pitch in style. The closer we get to the event we'll start a food thread. Please bring a chair or two if you are able. We are just south of Indy, so there are usually plenty of places to stay. We can start a lodging thread as well.

Can't wait to hang with all you lovely Apostates!