A Common Bond

2011 Conference Schedule

Larry is arranging a car to pick people up. To take advantage of this you need to forward your plans in advance. Once you register for the conference we will send you Larry’s contact information. Conference registration is available at: http://www.gayxjw.org/?p=267 Thursday:

People will be coming in that whole day, it will be a very informal gathering at my home. 7pm. If you get into Houston earlier and wish to come over and hang out, just come over, or call and a shuttle car will be available to bring you over. I am planning this day loosely, as most everyone is traveling in on this day. I am sure later in the evening we will do something dinner wise in the neighborhood.


9:00 Breakfast at House of Pies Kirby drive. This is Houstons oldest, gayest greasy spoon dinner. 11:00 -? Tours of Houston. We have tour planned of scenic Houston. Downtown Houston. Williams Tower (awesome 3 store waterfall feature) Some of Houstons most beautiful architecture. A beautiful cemetary where all of Houston's mover and shakers are buried, including the infamous Aviator, Howard Humphry Hughes. 7pm. Opening Dinner & Drinks, at my house. Dinner will be ready at 7sharp. (fresh home made chicken and pork tamales, rice and beans. 10:30pm for those who are not bar flies, anyone and everyone is welcome to stay and socialize at my house.


GLBT Cultural Center/Montrose Counseling Center 401 Branard St Houston, Texas 77006

9am Opening announcements 9:30-11:30 Guest Speaker Tony Carrol. (registered, licensed therapist who is speaking on the subject of cults, deprogramming. Tony specializes with the gay community. Him and his partner Bruce are huge supporters of the Gay Community here in Houston.

11:30 -1pm Lunch. Lunch at Barnabys. Awesome Gay dinner food in Houston historic Gay Montrose hood.

1:00 Sam Casas. 1:30-3:30 Guest Speaker Denise Odherty. (registered nurse and licensed counselor speaking of the subject of Self Esteem and Effective Confrontation. 3:30-4pm break 4:00-5:30 Larry Kirkwood on ACB Business and announcements of where ACB Conference 2012 will be. 7:30 -? Dinner at Ninfas. This is Houstons best mexican food in town. Long history and awesome margaritas as well. 10:30 for those who wish to stay low key and not hit the clubs, my house is open. For those who want to experience Houstons Gay night life, we will meet at my house 10:30 then head out.


11am. This year, we are introducing a new idea.....a good old fashioned get together at Baldwin Park, which is located directly across the street from my house. We will have volleyball net, picnic tables, sitting under trees that are more than 130 years old!!! If weather is not conducive the venue will be moved to inside my home. This late brunch will be included with the cost of the registration.

7pm dinner at Hollywood Vietnamese restaurant in Montrose. They serve awesome Chinese, Vietnamese and French cuisine. We can all end up back at my house or hang out in the gayborhood.