A Common Bond

Forums Removed

If you were wondering what happened to the forums I had to delete them. I was able to install Akismet to keep most spammers from posting to the forums but I couldn't find a reliable way to keep them from registering. At the beginning of the year we had ~40,000 registered users with roughly 100 real users. All of the spam users resulted in 9,000 posts per week that were getting filtered. Our hosting company contacted me about the excessive database usage and gave me two weeks to rectify the situation. After researching the issue, the forums were only getting valid posts about once per month and the spam users were posting 12,000 per week, the only option was to delete the forums.

If you want to interact with other ex-JWs I suggest going to facebook to the following groups:

Gay & Lesbian ex Jehovah's Witnesses - This is an open group with 566 members around the world.

Un Lazo Común - Ex-testigos de Jehová Gays - This is a spanish group that just started with 7 members.