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Gay & Lesbian ex Jehovah's Witnesses

Welcome everyone to this group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals who were/are involved with Jehovah's Witnesses. Take the opportunity to get to know each other and share your experiences.  
The group is a closed group which means anyone can see who is in the group but only members of the groups can see your posts. You have to ask to join the group and wait for a moderators approval. 


This is not a discussion group. It is here to provide the link to the Worldwide Map for Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses. Individual former Witnesses,  support groups, and ministries are invited to be on the map. We also list upcoming events for ExJW’s. 

This global map is PUBLIC and AVAILABLE to anyone seeking it. Therefore, if you do not want anyone to know who you are then DO NOT put yourself on this map.

This map is open to any individual ExJWs and SUPPORT groups regardless of beliefs (Christian and non-Christian). It only serves as an information base to see what groups or individuals are out there, but it is up to YOU to read what they offer as a description of themselves or their group to determine if you want to contact them.

1. A name (you can use your full name, first name only, or a pseudonym)
2. Address (town and state or provide a zip code)
3. Contact info (Facebook profile, an email, or phone)
4. Please provide a brief history of your Watchtower involvement. For example, how long you were in, when did you come out.

If you would like others to know you better, consider providing a link to your blog, website, or youtube channel. You can also include a photograph of yourself.

You do not have to disclose any information you're not comfortable sharing on a public map.

xJw Friends

xJw Friends is a group of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses based in the UK. We have a presence on Meetup and on Facebook.

We are faith-neutral and our one rule is that no preaching take place whether it be pro or anti religion. We also strive to remain neutral toward any controversies and conflicts that arise within the community as a whole. Whether you are an atheist, a Christian, have adopted another belief or haven’t made your mind up, you will be welcome and fit in with our group.

The group focuses on:

- Helping those ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been shunned find meaningful friendships and connections outside the religion.
- Providing a space for ex-JWs to share their experiences with those who truly know what it’s like to leave such a high-control group.
- Helping those who still have doubts about whether they’ve made the right decision to learn the truth about the organisation’s teachings and doctrines.
- Forming links with other individuals and groups who have left high-control groups to emphasise the similarities in our experiences: ex-Muslims, ex-Ultra-Orthodox Jews, ex-LDS (ex-Mormons).

We have meetups in pubs/restaurants, bowling alleys and we also arrange talks, conferences, museum tours and hope to start events which showcase the artistic talents of ex-Witnesses through art exhibitions, musical talent events and comedy shows.

Please join us if:

- you feel alone after leaving the JWs,
- you are questioning the Watchtower doctrines (blood policy, 607 BCE, the overlapping generation, two-witness rule, misrepresentation of evolutionary theory),
- you have left and are still wondering if you made the right decision to leave,
- you find it difficult to think critically about your beliefs,
- you are gay, lesbian, bi, trans or non-binary and need a listening ear.

European Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Trans Jehovah's Witnesses Support Group

Purpose of this support group:

- Unite the LGBT Jehovah's Witnesses Community based in Europe
- Listen to how people are coping with their sexuality and religious background
- Provide support, encouragement & positive energy
- Share personal stories & experiences as a source of encouragement
- Organise meet-ups and activities to establish a bond with group members
- Provide information and direct people to available help groups & professionals
- This group should be a place where people can be themselves, have a good time and feel energized

Expected Behaviour:
Everybody is free to express their opinion as long as it is done tactfully and it doesn't upset or hurt anybody. Inappropiate behaviour will not be tolerated. The organisers will monitor this group daily and strive to maintain a positive & encouraging atmosphere.

Languages we provide support in:
English / Spanish / Italian / French / Dutch

If you don't feel ready to join the group but still want to keep in touch with us, please, e-mail us at
Discretion guaranteed.

Ex-Jehovah's Witness Recovery Group 3!

Welcome to the Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Recovery group 3 now on Facebook! This group was established April 2006 on Myspace.
We are here to share our stories and our encouragement with those who have been scarred by this high control group known as the Jehovah's Witnesses. We are here to reassure those who have left this organization that they have done nothing wrong and that they are of value. Your voice is important and matters. Feel free to vent and share.
This group is open to all Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses and those that support us. Thank you for joining us and thank you for being our friends! Please read the new member notification in the notes section for more information.
The group is an open group which means anyone can see the group, who is in it, and what they post.