A Common Bond

4th Annual Midwest ApostaFest

It's already that time again! Mark your calendars for August 5th, 2017! Brandy and I will host the 4th Annual Midwest ApostaFest in Pleasant View, Indiana and we look forward to meeting and reuniting with our wonderful Apostate Community again!

The 1st Annual ApostaFest is where Brandy and I met, at the 2nd Annual we were engaged, and on the 3rd Annual, August 6th 2016 we were married! Each year at the ApostaFest has been better than the last, and we hope that you can plan to attend! (Who knows, maybe you'll find the love of your life there like I did!) 

The Midwest ApostaFest is a great opportunity to meet and connect with your friends separated by hundreds of miles! We've had people travel from very far to attend, and hope you can join us this year! Where it is possible we will try to offer space to sleep at our house if you cannot otherwise afford lodging, because we want everyone to attend and feel welcome!

Everyone is invited, so please feel free to bring along and invite your friends and family... the ApostaFest is designed to be welcoming for everyone regardless of politics, religion, nationality, gender, sexuality, or whatever... we all left a cult and we can all proudly stand together! So please plan to come this year, won't you?

4th Annual Midwest ApostaFest this August 5th, 2017!