A Common Bond

ACB Article in Edge Dallas

Our group was featured in an article on the Edge network.

When asked what he feels is the most important work of ACB, he said, "The greatest thing we can give to anyone who feels abandoned or alone, fresh out of the organization, is friendship, maybe a shoulder to cry on, an earful of advice on how to move on with their life, connect them to others, and make sure they know they are not alone."

The fulltext of the article is available here: http://www.edgedallas.com/news/local/features//133736/lgbt_ex-jehovah

Support Group for European LGBT JW's

Samuel, his story is on our site, has started a support group for European LGBT JWs. The purpose of this support group is to: - Unite the LGBT Jehovah's Witnesses Community based in Europe (we also extend our support to people from Africa, Asia and Middle East as well.) - Listen to how people are coping with their sexuality and religious background - Provide support, encouragement & positive energy - Share personal stories & experiences as a source of encouragement - Organise meet-ups and activities to establish a bond with group members - Provide information and direct people to available help groups & professionals - This group should be a place where people can be themselves, have a good time and feel energized

Languages we provide support in: English / Spanish / Italian / French / Dutch

Our e-mail

Our Facebook Support group

2011 Conference Schedule

Larry is arranging a car to pick people up. To take advantage of this you need to forward your plans in advance. Once you register for the conference we will send you Larry’s contact information. Conference registration is available at: http://www.gayxjw.org/?p=267 Thursday:

People will be coming in that whole day, it will be a very informal gathering at my home. 7pm. If you get into Houston earlier and wish to come over and hang out, just come over, or call and a shuttle car will be available to bring you over. I am planning this day loosely, as most everyone is traveling in on this day. I am sure later in the evening we will do something dinner wise in the neighborhood.


9:00 Breakfast at House of Pies Kirby drive. This is Houstons oldest, gayest greasy spoon dinner. 11:00 -? Tours of Houston. We have tour planned of scenic Houston. Downtown Houston. Williams Tower (awesome 3 store waterfall feature) Some of Houstons most beautiful architecture. A beautiful cemetary where all of Houston's mover and shakers are buried, including the infamous Aviator, Howard Humphry Hughes. 7pm. Opening Dinner & Drinks, at my house. Dinner will be ready at 7sharp. (fresh home made chicken and pork tamales, rice and beans. 10:30pm for those who are not bar flies, anyone and everyone is welcome to stay and socialize at my house.


GLBT Cultural Center/Montrose Counseling Center 401 Branard St Houston, Texas 77006

9am Opening announcements 9:30-11:30 Guest Speaker Tony Carrol. (registered, licensed therapist who is speaking on the subject of cults, deprogramming. Tony specializes with the gay community. Him and his partner Bruce are huge supporters of the Gay Community here in Houston.

11:30 -1pm Lunch. Lunch at Barnabys. Awesome Gay dinner food in Houston historic Gay Montrose hood.

1:00 Sam Casas. 1:30-3:30 Guest Speaker Denise Odherty. (registered nurse and licensed counselor speaking of the subject of Self Esteem and Effective Confrontation. 3:30-4pm break 4:00-5:30 Larry Kirkwood on ACB Business and announcements of where ACB Conference 2012 will be. 7:30 -? Dinner at Ninfas. This is Houstons best mexican food in town. Long history and awesome margaritas as well. 10:30 for those who wish to stay low key and not hit the clubs, my house is open. For those who want to experience Houstons Gay night life, we will meet at my house 10:30 then head out.


11am. This year, we are introducing a new idea.....a good old fashioned get together at Baldwin Park, which is located directly across the street from my house. We will have volleyball net, picnic tables, sitting under trees that are more than 130 years old!!! If weather is not conducive the venue will be moved to inside my home. This late brunch will be included with the cost of the registration.

7pm dinner at Hollywood Vietnamese restaurant in Montrose. They serve awesome Chinese, Vietnamese and French cuisine. We can all end up back at my house or hang out in the gayborhood.

Hotel Information - Reserve by September 1, 2011

Time is running out to make your hotel reservations. To take advantage of our group rate you need to reserve your room by September 1st. 2011. If anyone wishes to come a few days prior, or stay a few days later, they will honor that same price for us. When you call to book this hotel, please tell them you want the rate set for AGLBT Common Bond International.

Crowne Plaza - Houston River Oaks (ask for reservations) 2712 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77098 (713) 523-8448

Also the conference is at the following address. I realized I had published the wrong address and wanted to repost the correct address.

Houston GLBT Center 401 Branard St Houston, Texas 77006

2011 Conference Details - Updated Address

October 7-9, 2011Houston, Texas

Conference fees:

$50 per person total, which includes snacks, beverages, and Saturday night dinner. You can pay online or by mail. To pay online click pay now on the Paypal link below.

To pay by mail make check, money order payable to A GLBT Common Bond International. Mail to:

A GLBT Common Bond International 3208 Jackson St. Houston, Texas 77004

When your payment is recieved, you will be notified, and a small welcome packet containing complete information about Houston, along with a map, and simple instructions will be emailed to you.

Friday, October 7, 2011

6:30pm – ???

'Meet 'n Greet' at Larry’s House.

We will send you Larry’s address when you register and pay for the conference.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

8:00am to 5:00pm

($50 per person)

Houston GLBT Center 401 Branard St Houston, Texas 77006

This year, being my home city, I have two close friends of mine, who both so happen to be therapists in the gay community. Tony and his partner Bruce are an older couple who have been together for more than 16 years, and are very involved within the Gay Community. Tony specializes with both individual and couples counseling and will probably speak to us about deprogramming from cults, and will also do an in depth workshop on couples counseling. To learn more about Tony, check out his website at www.houstontherapist.com. Tony has always had a deep seated fascination about us gay ex jw's so I suspect he will be asking more questions, than those of us in attendance.

The second guest speaker, a wonderful positive person, who is always so encouraging and is a pleasure to be around is Denise O'doherty. On my worst day, she makes me feel like i'm invincible. She too is very involved in the Houston area gay community. To see more about Denise go to her website www.relationshiptherapistrn.com. She is also a registered nurse, but her second love is counseling, and she is good at it. I am looking forward to seeing what she brings to the table. I will also be adding a couple of inspirational people to the menu as time progresses, but for the moment, these are two people very close to my heart and are looking forward to speaking at our conference. Dinner is included for Saturday night at my house.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

10:00am to 5:00pm

Picnic in the Park (~ $10 per person)

This year, I wanted to do something totally different. Instead of having a two day conference, I thought we could resurrect something from our lives, a good old fashioned 'get together.' I have a beautiful park directly across the street from my house. It has a baseball field, picnic tables, trees that are more than 100 years old, the tree limbs are so long and old, they lay on the ground, and I think this would be an awesome place to have it. So if the weather interferes, or it gets too hot, we can always walk across the street and go back to my house. I was thinking everyone could chip in $10 or so, we could get some fried chicken, potato salad, and such and have a great day together in the park.

Also you need to make your hotel reservations by September 1st to get the deal that Larry negotiated for us. Only $79 a night. If anyone wishes to come a few days prior, or stay a few days later, they will honor that same price for us. Hotel arrangements must be made prior to Sept 1st. When you call to book this hotel, please tell them you want the rate set for AGLBT Common Bond International.

Crowne Plaza - Houston River Oaks (ask for reservations) 2712 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77098 (713) 523-8448

Houston GLBT Center 401 Branard St Houston, Texas 77006

Does A Common Bond “Bash” Jehovah’s Witnesses?

As one might expect, this website is not looked upon favorably by the Jehovah's Witnesses (JW) religion. Its membership is taught that homosexuality is "a sin", "an abomination", "detestable", and various other assorted words synonymous with evil. These teachings are based on certain cited passages in the Bible that the JWs are taught condemn homosexuality. We have been accused of infiltrating their assemblies, trying to "recruit" members into "the gay lifestyle." Announcements have been made at some of their assemblies to "beware of homosexual apostates" in their midst.

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Starting a New ACB Chapter

While our email discussion groups and private correspondence are valuable resources for support, the benefits of face-to-face meetings are incalculable, as anyone who has ever attended a local ACB group or one of our international conferences will tell you. There are still many thousands of gay & lesbian JWs and exJWs out there who currently do not have internet access, and we need to reach out to these individuals as well.

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